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Misty water-colored memories



  1. You break my heart. You are so beautiful. Your lives are constantly woven together and you have completely enveloped her. Just as you did before she was born, she is in your soul. Find peace.

  2. I happened upon your site after googling randomness v. fate… My heart aches for you. I have been reconnecting with my dear brother, lost 32 years ago through a local medium who is a gem. Her name is Isabeau Esby and she does readings over the phone just as amazingly as she does them in person. I don’t mean to be pushing you to spend money on a medium but your quote compelled me to share my perspective:

    “I continue to work on strengthening my spiritual groundwork, as a means to finding an anchor in this sea of anguish. I don’t mind the pain, if only I had a way to communicate with you…to know all the way through to my core that you are happy and free, safe and sound.”

    I was given the gift by Beau of knowing my brother is happy and free, safe and sound. With heartfelt wishes for your peace on this incredibly difficult journey.

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