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Monthly Archives: July 2016

Up until now this has been an outlet for only my personal grief. And yet, the events of the last three weeks have me reeling, attempting to process such acts of hatred.

I feel like we are spinning out of control. But then my rationality kicks in and says “there is NO control”. As a person who has had to rebuild their entire moral structure and belief system, I simply cannot understand the hate that can be emotionally and physically perpetrated upon a fellow human being. And what for? Perceived differences? Generational implanted racism? Power plays? Any and all of those “answers” are disgusting and deplorable.

Humanity is an amalgam: we are each capable of loving kindness and also of unspeakable cruelty. We are all connected. We laugh the same, cry the same, bleed the same, suffer the same. We all feel love, grief, joy and fear. Separateness is an illusion.

Fear is the birth place of suffering; it is where hate and insecurity begin. We fear change, we fear death, we fear being abandoned or not accepted; we give too much substance and power to fear and it’s eating us alive.

Labels and titles mean nothing. They only carry weight because we choose to allow it. They serve only to continuously divide us. Power is a dangerous ambition. History has shown that those in power will always use fear to control others. And, yet, control is an illusion. It too only works when we give our permission, in the form of apathy and compliance.

Media and government use fear as a means to herd us and to attempt to control us. But we are not puppets; we are powerful in our unity and by choosing kindness and compassion we can begin to heal, both ourselves and each other.

Collectively, our eyes are open — and now we must open our hearts and minds.

There is no enemy, there is only us. Every time one of us bears silent witness to violence perpetrated on others, we are the enemy. Every time we make derogatory comments about others, we are the enemy. Look in the mirror. You are the future. I am the future. We can make it better by choosing compassion. We must have empathy for not only our beloved, but also for those we fear and misunderstand.

FDR said it best: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

We must choose to act from love. We must treat each other compassionately. We must let go of fear. This is the only way forward.