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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Looking to the future through lenses of the past is like trying to see a clear reflection in a shattered mirror…

A kaleidescope of dreams, some distant, half remembered, others vivid and achingly palpable.

My mind overlays past memory fragments onto the present moment, creating a crystalline, multilayered tapestry which distorts my view and chokes forth sorrow previously swallowed which I had thought long since buried. It’s as if in an attempt to reconcile what has changed, what is broken. A desperate appeal to the universe to right the wrongs, fill in the cracks, render a new reality.

I feel left with little choice but to abandon the past and forge ahead. Creating new memories and traditions. But that is easier said than done. For honor through memory is vitally important. So, how to carry the memory of what was into to the tomorrow of what will be? Without the shadowy weight of the pain, the longing, the deep ache. The rage.  The sense of injustice. The ever-present sorrow.