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To a child, mother’s arms are an extension of her love
With them she holds the world

They provide comfort and security
A feeling of being protected

Her warm embrace washes away doubts, fears, pain and sorrow
In mother’s arms is a safe, happy place

To a mother, holding her child is tantamount to pure joy
With them she guides, protects and cares for her child

Arms wrapped around her little one brings tranquility
Her heart and soul overflowing with love

There is nothing else like the exchange of unconditional love through a hug between mother and child.

And thus, the deep ache when they are empty becomes a chasm of anguish.

A mother’s arms should never be empty…


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  1. We have been through a lot together Caitlin…little did I know what would unfold when I took on the role of “step-Dad” all those years ago…that we would loose your bio Dad Steven, our darling Zev, and yet gain Anthony and Zoe and our work together…yes this world is a bitter-sweet journey!
    I remember when you were a small girl, you liked the taste of bitter sour apples and this I could not quite understand. We have traveled the depths of despair together along with the heights of happiness…the bitter and the sweet. I cried my eyes out when I read this last post. You know what being a REAL mother is and yes a real mother should not be without a one to mother. In the depths of despair, Zoe came.
    I love you and am proud of you and there is so much more left of our journey,
    Papa John

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