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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Strength comes with the breaking apart
in the quiet spaces in between
what once was and what never will be again

Atomic particles, star dust
flown on the winds of time
whispering of your love

Fragile and delicate
yet immortal in your essence
encompassing nothing, everything

The brain tells little lies
of should and would and could
poisoning, staining

Echoes deep within
this chasm of my heart
she was and she will always be


To a child, mother’s arms are an extension of her love
With them she holds the world

They provide comfort and security
A feeling of being protected

Her warm embrace washes away doubts, fears, pain and sorrow
In mother’s arms is a safe, happy place

To a mother, holding her child is tantamount to pure joy
With them she guides, protects and cares for her child

Arms wrapped around her little one brings tranquility
Her heart and soul overflowing with love

There is nothing else like the exchange of unconditional love through a hug between mother and child.

And thus, the deep ache when they are empty becomes a chasm of anguish.

A mother’s arms should never be empty…