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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Dearest Zev Luna,

My heart is heavy missing you…

There is a young lady where I am teaching that reminds me of you. And with the school year coming to a close, I am saddened that I will no longer have her sunshine in my life. It has only filled a tiny portion of the hole in my heart, but it has been a blessing nonetheless.

She is thoughtful, kind hearted, silly, courageous, confident, quick-witted and smart. Just like you. She looks different and her mannerisms are different but many parts of your personalities are very similar. At first interacting with her made my heart long for you intensely, but now I find there is a lightness that she brings. I guess that is part of accepting that you cannot and will not be back in physical form on this earth.

When I started this new job (September), I was unsure that it was the best choice for me. But it has turned out to be good medicine for my broken heart and weary soul. That being said, there isn’t anything I wouldn’t give to have you here with me, in my arms again. I miss your sweet smile, your wonderful laugh, your gentle touch, your kind heart and your strength.

This baby growing within me has provided much needed hope for the future. And even still, if I was able to trade, I would choose you a thousand times over.

I love you with every fiber of my body, every breath I inhale, every piece of my shattered heart. It will always be this way, until I breathe my last breath.

All my love,