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Twice in the past six hours I have found myself a sobbing heap. I continue to feel so deeply for those that I love. When I know someone for whom I care is hurting, I cannot help but bleed and cry for them.

My heart was torn apart when Zev died. And as a symptom of that experience, it is as though I am now a giant sponge, soaking up the pain of others around me. The compassion I feel is overwhelming. The empathy seems, at times, too much to bear. This wounded soul is hyper-sensitive to the suffering in the world, especially of those close to me.

I grieve everyday. For myself, for those I love, for the world.

“Everything I love will always be leaving.” – Lyrics from ‘Independence Day’ by Floater


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  1. You always have a way of putting into words how I feel. I love that about you. Every time my mind goes to how bad things are or how angry I feel I think of all the amazing people, like you that are working so hard to make things right again and to better the situation for our children, families, teachers, friends and community. You and many others are what has helped me to keep moving forward, thank you! I love what Anthony wrote in a response to Kim, “keep on keepin’ on”.

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