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Monthly Archives: September 2010

My dearest darling girl,

You taught me the meaning of true love. From deep within me, you ushered creativity, patience, and youthful wide-eyed wonder.

Magic, the essence of your soul, pouring forth oceans of love, mountains of joy. How grateful and blessed that I was given the honor of being your Mother.

I have no regrets; I gave you all I had, and I would happily do it all again. Your love is worth any price. Had I the power, I would trade anything and everything for your life. To have you here beside me… holding, comforting, teaching, loving, cherishing…

I am grateful for the years we spent laughing, learning and loving. I will always have the memories; I will always be your Mom, and you will live within my heart until the end of days.

Happy 10th birthday to my Princess Zev.