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My view of the human experience has shifted immensely in the past eighteen months…

Upon finding my own life turned upside down and inside out, I can now see the vast landscape of that which is backwards and sideways and upside down.

What matters most is connection and sustained relationships. Some choose to touch many lives, some choose not to. While for others it is not a choice, it is simply part of who they are.

Why do we focus intently on that which is fleeting? Material items, money, status. None of that matters when we depart from this world. You can’t take it with you.

I grieve for all that has been missed by so many. Lost opportunities. Time passed. Experiences. Open hearts. Truth. Bonds of love.


One Comment

  1. Thank you for sharing this arduous, challenging and pure leg of your divine journey. Your transparency softly demands a deeper presence from me. Life is so strange and beautiful and uncomfortable at times… I BOW to your courage and commitment to staying awake and open.
    Blessings! Lots of ’em,
    Athena Grace

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