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In rare quiet moments
I acquiesce to my own hearts plea
She is only away from my embrace
But for a short passage of time

Weighted reason says otherwise
As the dagger plunges ever deeper
Endless tears fall
Dark days take hold

Shattered echoes of joyful memories
Turn into tortured minutes and hours
Aching, longing … separation feels final
Time appears to stand still

Reality screams she is gone forever
The gentle soul of a Mother
Who knows better
Calms my spirit, if only temporarily

Softly and silently she speaks to me
Quelling the agony of these empty arms
Filling this open wounded heart
For, her love is pure magic



  1. More beautiful words have not been written about a mothers love and longing. From my heart to yours, in love and admiration, in understanding, and great sympathy………..

  2. You are incredible with words! I read your post on gratitude first and then this one. Your words in this poem envoke a strong feeling of gratitude for loved ones becasue your words create, for a moment, a miniscule feeling of loss and emptiness. I can’t imagine the emotions attached to this journey. I do know that you have been trusted with this challenge to be an example to all. You speak of hope and joy and optimism. You truly are an example to me! THank you for your inspiration!

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