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Shifting one’s consciousness is certainly easier said than done. But I will persist.

It is becoming increasingly clearer to me that a large part of my journey consists of surrendering to my new reality. This may in fact be the key to finding what I need to reinvest in living and experiencing joy again.

This past year I have spent so much energy focusing on saddness and anger, wishing with all my might for things to be as they were before, fighting against the truth, attempting to bargain with the universe… and yet nothing has changed.

Therefore, in the coming moments, hours, days, weeks, I will endeavor to shift my persepctive and focus on this one powerful truth: Zev exists within me, all around me, in those that I love, and in the memories I cherish.

When I miss her, all I need do is blow a kiss on the wind, write to her, sit in her room, open my consciousness to her spirit. Listening to her song of love and seeing in my mind’s eye her playful joy abound works magic in my soul.


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