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It is clear to me that the only meaningful, lasting peices of life are the relationships and love which we cultivate.

I have been blessed with so many wonderful relationships in my lifetime — friends, sisters, mothers, fathers, brothers, children, and my wonderful husband. Much like blooms in springtime, I have found that the more I water and give to the people around me, the more love and joy I receive.

Recently, I had the fortunate brush with an acquaintance who showed me a great deal of love and compassion. Let me tell you — in the span of mere seconds, the simple yet genuine gesture of a tearful hug still resonates deep within; that small kindness has carried me a long way.

To all of you who have poured so much energy and love on this family these past eleven months — if you ever feel helpless and wonder whether you have made a difference, I tell you now, you have! Do not doubt or question. Kindness and solace are treasured gifts. We are truly blessed and long to express the deep gratitude and love we feel for so many of our loved ones, friends, and neighbors.

Zev’s death has opened my heart and soul in a way that I would not have previously thought possible. I will carry within me her shining vitality and compassionate love – always. And, in honor and remembrance, I will do my best to spread her joyful spirit to as many people as I can find.


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