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My heart aches, my arms long to hold you, my spirit dreams of soaring freely…

One question is everpresent: How to deal with this? I do not know what to do with myself. I stifle screams of anger and agony with tears, and I hold back tears while I run, physically exerting energy … it doesn’t get better, there is no relief. Surrounding myself in happy memories soothes me for a short while, and remaining grateful for what I have gives me a foundation upon which to step from one day to the next, yet, still in all, at the end of each passing moment, my love for you and the pain of this separation is all that remains.

I feel as though I am but a lost, lonely, helpless, broken soul destined to wander aimlessly through time and space, searching, desperately for you.

I continue to grasp and attempt to hold onto the thought that you may still be able to feel my love…

These things I know — I will never cease to be your mother, and I will always express my love for you, until the day comes for me to be with you again, to be free of this body that holds me.


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  1. *hugs*

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