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I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to our family, friends, neighbors and community members.

Showing respect for our fragility, our anger, our broken hearts, and the completeness with which our lives have been turned upside down, means more than you may ever know.

Simply waking up, getting out of bed to face this vast landscape of constant pain and sorrow, can sometimes take all the energy and willpower we have. So, when strangers are kind and friends are gentle, it is deeply appreciated.

And I will let you in on a little secret — not all who have crossed our paths have been so gentle and respectful. Specifically as it relates to religion.

Therefore, I give a special ‘thank you’ to those of you, who, though your faith may be deeper or different than ours, do not force yourselves or your belief systems (no matter how good the intentions) upon us. Thank you for not impressing guilt upon an already guilt-ridden parent. Thank you for treading softly upon hearts newly turned to glass. Thank you for drawing upon your faith for the strength with which you comfort a broken family. Thank you for not assuming you know how this feels. Thank you for honoring Zev’s wonderful shining spirit.


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