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When I am in a state of gratitude it is next to impossible to feel negativity of any sort. And so, today, I wish to express how grateful I am for the gifts with which I have been blessed.

Thank you Zev, for teaching me what it means to truly love and be loved.

Thank you Lauren, for your lightness & laughter and for opening my heart.

Thank you Anthony, for walking beside me and acting as my compass throughout this emotional storm.

Thank you to my dear friends and family for your unsurpassed support and kindness.

To anyone who stumbles upon and reads this post, I say, take heart and remember…

Sow the seeds of gratitude & love and the harvests you shall reap will be joy & happiness.


One Comment

  1. Such TRUTH and so eloquent……my thoughts are with you.
    In gratitude and love,
    Kathy K

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