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In some twisted way, I feel I have been given gifts along with my grief.

~ Boldness

~ Openness and sensitivity on a different level than before

~ Larger capacity for compassion

~ No fear of death — there are many moments I would welcome it.

Somehow, in the depths of my sorrow, broken-hearted, and in agony, the compassion and love I feel for humanity has grown immensely. It is as though a doorway has opened, allowing a higher level of awareness into my psyche. I am now acutely aware, at times painfully so, of the intense amount of suffering and sorrow in the world. It is as though my mind is now tuned to a different channel.


One Comment

  1. That is really amazing! And I am sure that in your life you will be able to help others going through this too. I can see that in you.


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