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In one moment my life shattered before my eyes…

When your entire world crashes down upon you – up is down – nothing makes sense anymore. Everything you thought you knew about the world goes right out the window. Hopeless strips meaning from all things. Colors fade to grey. Food has no taste, let alone any appeal. Warmth and safety are no longer valued commodities.

My view of the world will never be the same…

All of my beliefs have shattered — the very framework of my world destroyed. Here I sit among the shards of brokenness that was my life. There seems nothing left to do but slowly begin picking up the peices … like a mosaic artist, using shattered bits of colored stone, attempting to create something meaningful.



    • Helen, your friend
    • Posted October 11, 2009 at 6:42 pm
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    I was finally able to bring myself to read this blog tonight. Being a mother too, I felt every word as though I was personally experiencing your journey with you. You say that people have a problem with grief and mourning. I know for myself, I just don’t want to say something stupid or cliche and somehow make you hurt more. Now that I “said it out loud”, it seems kind of silly. I highly doubt you could hurt anymore than you do. I ache so much for your loss, as I know everyone who cares about you and your family aches. I know that time heals nothing, yet somehow we do heal. And as you pointed out, you pick up the pieces and put them together the best you can. I hope you find peace in whatever ways offer it.

  1. Caitlin,

    You are the artist…the artist through whom the one lost will find her most noble expression…the bits of shattered pieces reflecting all of the beauty born of that unimaginable, terrible wound…”the sacred wound through which the mortal achieves divinity.”
    Keep writing, Caitlin, for you, for Zev, for the world.

    Peace, love and understanding,

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