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Strange how the passage of time, or rather my perception of it, has changed…

It feels as though I kissed you only yesterday, and yet simultaneously, it feels like forever since I heard your sweet voice. The seconds slip by unnoticed. Nothing seems to matter and I am, at times, completely unaware of the world buzzing by at it’s usual lightening pace. It is as though time stopped with you.

I sit now upon a black horse in a carousel enveloped by fog; a lonely spectator watching the world swirl around me.

What I would give to leave this flesh and soar up up up and away… to be with you in spirit, free, full of joy, and comforted in the knowledge that you are safe in my arms.

Instead I listen for your whisper in the wind, look for your face around every corner, and overflow with tears as the memories wash over me incessantly.


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