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My dearest Zev,

I miss you intensely at this moment. I am flooded with memories and long to hold you in my arms. There are oh so many things I miss so much and wish to experience again with you…

reading and snuggling at bedtime

tucking you in, knowing you are safe & warm & happy

hearing your sweet voice when you sing

racing each other to get dressed on Friday mornings

feeling your small soft hand in mine

eskimo kisses

going on long walks & afternoon ‘trash duty’

telling you how very proud I am of you

praising your artwork

rocking out in the car

the way you loved being sneaky and hiding from me in the classroom when I came to pick you up from school

sharing a ‘kissing hand’ in the mornings

The list goes on for eternity… you are amazing and I am grateful for the privilege to call myself Zev’s Mom.

~  ~  ~

In the immortal words of Ozzy Osbourne — ‘I just want you!’


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