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I find that poetry is a wonderful form of expression. Here are some of the poems I’ve written these last several months.


I am raw

Stripped down to bone

Heart in pieces

Lost I wander

From moment to moment

Up and down

Round and round

Piercing pain

Sorrow black and gray


A swirling whirling mesh

Of deep aches and hot tears

(May 7, 2009)


I continue to breathe

The sun rises and sets

Yet time has stopped

My heart still beats

Earth spins on its axis

But I am motionless

A flurry of activity surrounds me

Blurring my vision

Tears flow ceaselessly

In sorrow I sit quietly

The days come and go

Though in my heart it is winter still

Memories of you abound

Sight and sounds meaningless now

For my time stopped with you

(July 5, 2009)


I am swimming in memories of you

The last eight years wash over me

Some like the pounding surf

Others are a gentle rain

If only I could drown in these remembrances of you

To be with you again in spirit, to be free of this agony

(July 6, 2009)


Time marches onward

Pulling me with it

Shadows cling

Shrouding my every thought

Drab and dull

Are the colors and the sounds

Whispers sent away on the wind

Echoing in my mind

Zev, my darling girl, I will be with you again…

One day, some day… soon

(August 18, 2009)


Memories of you so vivid

Every detail etched in stone

Upon my heart

(September 5, 2009)


With your love, my soul took flight

Soaring on the breeze that is your laughter


One Comment

  1. Hello Caitlin: All I can say is “wow”.You write very well,and even gave me some food for thought.I’m almost 62,and I don’t have answers.There are things that I want to believe to make loss easier after one has passed,but I may never know the truth.I just know that Zev’s passing has torn me up,and I don’t know why.It could be for many reasons,or just one of many reasons.I do know that I just want her back with her parents,and I would have loved to have known her.
    Love you,Aunt Katie

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