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Why do people die? To teach us that life is short? To punish us? Because they deserve to? I think not!

Did Zev die to teach us to live life to the fullest and enjoy each moment? I say no. I believe she LIVED to teach us that. She greeted each day with a smile and her radiance touched all of us. There is no reason she had to die. She simply did. And now we are left here in mourning and all we can do is honor her loving spirit and learn from the way she lived her life.

Why are people tortured? Children abused? Women raped? Mutilated? Executed? Starved?  So many horrid things exist in this world. And though I try, I cannot come up with one single reason why. Some bitter jaded individuals might offer up any number of reasons,  evil being the primary scapegoat. But I am an eternal optimist and simply see life to be simply a string of random events, some of which are wonderful and some that are undoubtedly torturous and painful.

In my heart and in my logical mind I can find no reasons why.


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